The School For Parents

The only free course in Romania that offers parents a minimum of knowledge necessary to educate their children healthy and harmonious.

Dear friends, My name is Lucian Mustaţă and I am the President of the Note About Life Association. Together with a team of experts in the field of psychotherapy, social science and child education, we have set up the School for Parents. This project started in the autumn of 2014 when we identified a situation wich many parents have to face in these modern times, namely the need to be more responsible in the process of raising and educating children and offering them a minimum of knowledge to support them along the way on how to raise their children.

Every day we are one step closer to realizing this dream that we call the School for Parents. Thought to be an educational platform that will develop parenting.

I am an 27 years old, graduate of the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics, Economic Informatics at ASE Bucharest and I have two masters, first one in Political Sciences, within the SNSPA Faculty, and second in IT Informatics Management at ASE Bucharest. Despite strong academic achievements, in the first 18 years of my life, I grew up in a special institute for abandoned children and under¬stand the knock-on effects from a lack of parental affection.

When looking from the outside, the life of an institutionalized child seems very sad. Unfortunately, the sadness is infinitely greater than it leaves to be seen, in part, because such a child does not know how to express his feelings. He can not manifest his love or attachment, he can develop conflicting states of mood, anger or fear.

I have realized over the years that the only chance for institutionalized children like me or those from disadvantaged backgrounds to realize something in live, is a proper education. So the children can become responsible adults. It is said that the first 7 years of home education are more important than any five years of college. I agree with this statement because in the first years of life the character of the child is formed.

In addition, a major part of the problems from our society are due to the way in which children receive parental education. This is why the Parents School program camed to live. The offered courses are free so that in time we have healthy families on all levels and a much better society.

WHAT WE ARE DOING:We have been active in Romania since the 16th December 2014, working with local partners, helping families o raise their children. Additionally, we seek to provide alternative care when there are no other options for disadvantaged children.

Parenting programs have been developed to strengthen the family unit. We help parents to care for and protect their little ones and share our experience with other community organisations. Our charity works for the community and supports local stakeholders in the evaluation of social needs and existing resources. This means that we can strengthen their capacity to develop action plans and implementation of efficient and effective services.

We do this by developing sustainable partnerships with local authorities and community consultative structures so that we can provide services for families and children at risk.

In Romania, dropout prevention programs are not well defined. Our not for profit organisation develops relevant programs in underprivileged communities and supports intervention where it is needed the most.

We want to provide support to families before dropping out of school occurs and prior to children requiring alternative care.

Poverty often causes people to seek work abroad. Family separation has a major impact on the development of children left behind, increasing levels of emotional stress. The economic crisis has reduced the ability of authorities to support affected families. Poor and vulnerable families, including those from ethnic minorities are all at risk of being excluded from public services. Strengthening social protection measures has become imperative and this is why we seek to offer our support to families free of charge.

The approach of the authorities to support affected families exists but is insufficient, so we are in the situation where the development of additional social protection measures has become imperative.

The School for Parents meets the authorities and for this reason we propose that all courses be offered to parents free of charge.

OUR OBJECTIVES:The School for Parents aims to fill a major void within our current society, namely education in the family space. We aim to support parents through 6 courses with a duration of 6 weeks for various age groups.

The project aims to implement methods and strategies necessary for the harmonious development of children, through the education process.

Topics covered will include teaching of values and ethical behaviour to parents such as the importance of “7 years of home education.” In addition, we focus on areas such as cognitive, motivational and emotional development, time management, self-identification and child development, parental techniques and more.

OUR GOAL:Is to grow healthy children from a physical and emotional point of view is the most important job of parenting. This is all the more difficult to achieve when it comes to parents with a poor social condition, from disadvantaged categories of society. In these cases, parents receive very little support. There are very few training centers and parents are often isolated and without adequate support.

The School for Parentes helps by building a strength of a functioning family and is providing parents with the necessary information helping them to develop essential child-raising skills and principles.
All this is done in the hope that a child grown in balance has the best chances of becoming a competent, honest and persevering adult.
By accessing this key protection knowledge in the parent-child relationship, we ensure future responsible citizens, and our communities become healthier and safer for family development.

THE MISSION:The mission of the School for Parents is to support parents to raise their children in a family environment that ensures their emotional health and harmonious development at all levels.

We decided to invest our resources and time in this action, because there is currently no similar project, except for a parenting and personal development courses that do not fully cover all the necessary information set education of parents, especially when it comes to people in difficult life situations.

So we want to achieve positive outcomes, aiming at both a good and balanced education of children and the development of a positive attitude of parents towards life.

Undoubtedly, the results of the School Parents’ courses will be seen in the Romanian society from generation to generation.


Mihaela Bonațiu

Mihai Avadanei

Daniela Șerban

Oana Popa
Coach for Parents

Gaspar Gyorgy
Psych. Clinician