How do you direct 20% of 2017 profit tax?

First download the sponsorship form here.

1. Fill it with the company data and the amount it represents 20% of the 16% tax on your company’s profit, estimated for 2017.
2. Send us your sponsorship contract, in Word format, to
3. We print and stamp the contract in 2 copies that we send to your business at the address specified in the contract.
4. In the last step, we will ask you to send us a 1 copy of the sponsorship contract, with both signatures and stamps, to our e-mail address: .

In order to deduct the amount you wish to offer our sponsor from the 2017 profit tax, you need to draw up the sponsorship agreement and sponsor it by December 31, 2017. The next step is that in the Declaration 101 you must complete and submit by March 25, 2018, specify the amount with which you have sponsored the projects of the NOTEABOUTLIFE Association by contract. The amount, 20% of the 2017 profit tax, is deducted from the tax, and only 80% will go to the state.

Thank you!